Experience More AR and VR

Want to try more AR and VR? Some suggestions for further opportunities:

  • Augmented Reality
    • Sketch AR – iOS and Android
      Learn to draw by tracing AR images
    • Catchy Words AR – iOS
      Reading game played in AR
    • BBC Civilisations AR – iOS and Android
      Explore historical artifacts
    • View AR furniture in your own home
    • Sephora – iOS and Android
      See how Sephora makeup would look on your own face
  • Virtual Reality
    • InCell VR – iOS and Android
      Explore inside cells in this gamified learning experience.
    • Titans of Space – Desktop Computer
      Guided tour of the solar system
    • YouTube 360 videos/YouTube VR – Android
      Thousands of 360 videos and experiences
    • Google Cardboard App – iOS and Android
      The Cardboard app is the gateway to tons of VR games and experiences
    • Google Earth – iOS and Android
      Explore the world on foot or by flying through the air
    • New York Times AR and VR – iOS and Android
      Complementary experiences to New York times stories

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