Considerations for Using AR and VR for Learning

Augmented and virtual reality learning experiences are an excellent complement and extension to lessons. But it’s important to prep your learners in advance for the experience to make it effective as a learning opportunity.

Here are some guidelines for using AR and VR:

  • Provide context before diving into an AR or VR experience.
    e.g. Learn about historical figures before experiencing historical event
  • Engage with an area of focus.
    Tell your learners what they’re about to experience, and what they should think about during and after the experience
  • Communicate expectations for using the materials and for behavior.
    Obviously this will vary by age and maturity of your learners, but even adults should be briefed on what to expect
  • After the AR or VR experience, ask learners to further interact with the concept.
    Engage your learners in an active learning activity to reflect on what they’ve learned and to reinforce learning

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