Activity – Use Mozilla Spoke and Hubs to Create VR

Mozilla Spoke and Hubs are open source web apps that allow creation of custom virtual reality environments and the ability to explore them with your friends. Mozilla Spoke is a web app for creating a VR environment. Spoke has tons of templates and is mostly a drag and drop interface with some advanced features. Hubs offers the ability to enter the VR environment using either a regular web browser or a VR headset. A user can explore a VR environment independently, or with friends who are using their own browser or headset. Within the VR environment, users can create and share 3D objects, can share videos or their own screens, and can talk and listen to each other. It’s similar to Second Life, if you were around for that, but more user friendly.

Spoke and Hubs are fairly new web apps since they were launched publicly in late 2018. Features are still being added, including interactivity.


Try out a VR experience on the Mozilla Hubs website. You can dive right in to be assigned a random VR room or select an environment to explore. Pay attention to the onscreen tutorial which will instruct you on how to move and interact with the space.

For a video tutorial on using Hubs, watch:

A few more resources on using Hubs:

Using Mozilla Spoke to Create Content

Create VR experiences using the Mozilla Spoke web app, which is browser-based. No download required!

Learn to use Spoke to create a VR scene and then experience it in 5 minutes:

In this 8-minute video, go deeper into editing scenes in Spoke:

There is not a support website for Spoke, but you can find a lot of what you need by Googling. You can also join the Spoke community to get help from other Spoke enthusiasts. Join the Spoke Discord.

If you have your own 360 photos and video, you can use them in Spoke! Here are instructions on Adding Scene Content, including 360 media.

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