Activity – Use Metaverse to Create AR

Metaverse is a free website and app intended for use in K-12 classrooms (there is a fee if you wish to manage your students’ work). You can use it to create your own augmented reality learning experiences, or you can teach your learners to use it. This is a great opportunity for your learners to do some light coding, or to show off a project that is a culmination of a larger unit.

Use the website to create AR experiences. Try out the AR experiences using the app.


Let’s try a Metaverse AR experience. This experience includes a “portal” in which you’ll get a tour of the solar system. Be prepared to get up and move your phone into the “portal” to see what’s inside.

  • Download the Metaverse app on your smartphone (Android / iOS).
  • Open Metaverse and tap “Scan QR Code” at the very top of the screen.
  • Scan this QR Code:

Want more? View a few other Metaverse experiences over at Nick’s Picks.

Using Metaverse to Create Content

Ready to try creating an experience in Metaverse? You’ll need to create a free account on the Metaverse website (use a desktop or laptop computer!).

Watch this 7-minute video to get an overview of creating AR content with Metaverse:

Dive in deeper by watching this hour-long webinar intended for educators that want to teach others to use Metaverse:

Another great app for K-12 classrooms is 3DBear, which allows users to build dioramas in AR using 3D objects. However, 3DBear offers only a 30-day free trial for the teacher trial. The app itself is free and it’s fun to try it out.

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